How to prepare your home for Christmas.

The festive season is creeping up quickly this year. Christmas day will be here in the blink of an eye, so there’s no time like the present to start getting prepared. From organising gifts and decorating the home to stocking up on all the right ingredients ahead of the big Christmas lunch, there is always so much work to be done beforehand.

Planning ahead will allow you to minimise stress and maximise festive fun. After all, who wants to be running around at the eleventh hour on Christmas Eve shopping for presents when you could be helping the kids put cookies and milk out for Santa instead? Here are our top tips to make your holiday season a breeze:

  1. Start by making a list and timeline for all the tasks you need to do before Christmas arrives. Having it all written down will ensure no task is missed, especially if you give yourself a deadline to work towards. Delegate the tasks between the family to help lighten the load and make things less stressful.

  2. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and start decluttering. Start one room at a time, going through each cupboard and drawer to decide what to keep, donate, sell or throw away. Use this time to neatly organise what you choose to keep ‒ making sure you leave some space for any new additions Santa Claus may bring.

  3. Clean high traffic areas. While you’re decluttering, it can also be a good time to give areas you’ll be entertaining in a squeaky-good clean. The special occasion silverware and china may need some extra love and attention if it has accrued dust in the cupboard since last Christmas. Don’t forget to give the guest bedrooms some extra love too for any visitors that are staying over.

  4. Stock up on essentials. This is where your list will come in handy. Pull together a shopping list of ingredients for anything you plan to cook, as well as treats and snacks, and other essential items. Make sure you have some extra food in the cupboard and freezer for any last-minute additions to your guest list.

  5. And of course, don’t forget to decorate. For some this is the most exciting part, and for others it can be daunting. Start by choosing a theme. If you’re unsure of where to start, we like to look in magazines and online to get some inspiration. From Christmas tree decorations to your table settings, just make sure whatever decorations you have are down by January!

If you’re looking for some inspiration or help with organising your home, pop into our Lions Drive store for a chat with one of our helpful team or call one of our experts on 6372 0050 for a free consultation.

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