10 reasons professional styling sells

Getting your home ready for sale? Perfectly Sorted is bursting with tips and tricks to help – the first of which is, professional styling for sale is THE way to go.

Preparing your home to sell is a difficult task at the best of times, and everybody knows that 2020 is not the best of times.

The property market has taken a hit like many aspects of the global economy, and not only are people more cautious about loosening their purse strings, they are also not willing or able to personally turn up for inspections.

It is more important than ever that you style your home, for gorgeous promotional material and to give every potential buyer the ultimate tour of their new home!

1. Make more money

Let’s be honest – this is the name of the game – owners/vendors and agents all want the property to sell well and maximise returns and commissions.

2. Sell your property faster

Looking perfect and ready to move in attracts less negativity from buyers. Showcasing the positive features and not negatives – leaves buyers less to negotiate over and makes them even more enthusiastic to sign on the dotted line.

3. Online, Video & Print images look better

Do not settle for advertising which does not showcase the possibilities. Buyers want aspirational living, so be sure your property creates an emotional connection.

4. Clear the clutter

Studies show that up to 90% of people cannot see past your clutter. A scary statistic for sure – but imagine for every 10 buyers viewing your property, only one can see past your lifetime of magazines, teacups and overcrowded, messy cupboards.

You definitely want more than just that one in ten people impressed, trust us.

5. Make more money

Enjoy a big return on your small investment for styling services – whether saving a price reduction or creating a premium – the “expense” of styling is quickly recovered when the sale is fast and seamless.

6. Present perfectly the first time

Don’t wait until your property has sat on the market, and will not sell, to make the decision to style your property. Buyers are savvy – they know what’s selling and where. Don’t be caught in the trap of we will see what the market dictates – rather be a leader.

Buyers are picky about their dream home (can’t imagine why…), so you need to make the perfect WOW factor first impression immediately, and give them the full experience of your house from the first glance. If they don’t get the feeling they want from the first look, they may not give it a second one.

7. Join the buyers “must see list”

Everyone is time poor, potential buyers will not bother with a home inspection unless your marketing images have caught their eye.

A picture says 1000 words, so make sure these words include “must see list”

8. Objective view

Most property sellers find it difficult to see their home objectively, and do not understand what may be putting buyers off. Your taste may be different, or your furniture sentimental – but having made the decision to sell, it’s so important to understand how others may see it and make the changes to enhance its universal appeal.

If you use a styling service, the art, furniture, textiles and pieces used are all immaculate, on trend and look expensive – making your home feel expensive too. And you don’t need to actually buy any of these pieces to get this effect.

9. Reduce the stress of selling

Selling your home or investment property is a big decision – and this usually brings feelings of stress and worry. With an expert team to prepare your home for listing, reduce your stress and focus on what lies ahead. Selling a property is not an every task for most, yet for property styling experts, it’s as often as 3 times a week.

10. Make more money

For most people, selling their home is the largest transaction they will make – so let’s ensure there is more in your pocket for your next project.

No doubt a better presented property attracts more buyers, so unlock the potential, and don’t run the risk of underselling yours.

Perfectly presenting your home for sale is not expensive, it’s an investment which just makes good sense.

For information about how your property can make that great first impression – call us for your obligation free appraisal and quote.

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