Tackling the Tinsel

We’ve all been guilty of leaving the Christmas decorations up way into the New Year – sometimes until mid-February! And we’ve all seen those houses that leave the lights up all year round!

To help get you inspired and give you some great storage ideas, I’m going to share my top tips for getting your decorations wrapped, stored, labelled and put away carefully for next Christmas.

It’s important to have the right storage on hand before you begin – containers, bags and boxes to store away your precious decorations. I find a mix of options is ideal – think egg cartons for precious smaller pieces, plastic storage boxes (clear is better), zip lock bags, clingwrap and strong cardboard.

In addition to good quality tissue paper, cedar balls, a labeller and permanent marker, are all the essential items you need for an organised pack up.

Some stores (including Perfectly Sorted!) offer bespoke ornament and decoration storage options… A bag for your Xmas tree, ornament storage box with dividers, garland and light storage bags. The perfect way to store your much-cherished decorations.

Where to start?

First, it’s important to clear a table or bench where you will place all those pretties when removed from the tree.

Starting at the top – remove your star or angel, then working from top to bottom – carefully remove all the ornaments, checking for any damaged items (which may need repairs or the bin), and placing everything carefully on your flat surface.

Next, remove any tinsel and beaded garlands. Where possible, store tinsel and anything with glitter in zip-lock bags, before placing in one of the storage containers.

The last items to be removed are the lights. Ensure they are unplugged from the power, then carefully remove, trying not to tangle them even more. Spread out on the floor when fully untangled so you can inspect for any damage, frayed cords or cracked/broken globes. Then plug back into the power, to ensure all the globes work, removing any which don’t. You can choose to replace these now or make a note which you can pack with the box reminding yourself that you’ll need replacements next year.

It’s important to wrap your lights carefully around a piece of long stiff cardboard, or one of the inners of the special bags created for this purpose.

Sorting the Sentimental

Those very special ornaments which you may have had since childhood or have collected over the years, are best wrapped individually and carefully in tissue paper, then stored in a compartment box, egg carton or if you have neither, a small plastic storage container. Throw in some cedar balls to keep any creepy crawly pests away.

Any ornaments which are damaged and unable to be repaired should be tossed out and not packed away. Damaged items which need repair, pop aside and try to repair immediately, otherwise they are bound to sit around until September when you will decide it’s too hard to get this done!

Tackling the Tree

Now the only thing left to deal with is your tree. If it’s a real one, send it off to your green recycling or compost. If it’s an artificial tree, the super organisers suggest wrapping it in large sections in clingwrap before placing in a box or specially designed bag for storage.

Lastly, label everything and stack away carefully for next Christmas. With careful storage, your decorations will last not only until next year, but for decades to come!

If this all sounds too damn complex – please feel free to call us and we’ll send in our team to get your decorations Perfectly Sorted.

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