The flavours of winter

The winter chill is certainly in the air. The mornings are crisp and the evenings have us getting out the slow cooker, cradling a cup of warm tea and lighting the fireplace. You can also see the change in the fashion. Walking down Mudgee’s Church Street, it’s hard to miss the warm, rich tones of this season’s coats, scarves and boots.

Shades of warm vanilla, deep chocolate, mellow mustard, earthy turmeric and rich coffee are everywhere we look. These hues not only make us feel warm and cosy, they also the home styling trend to try this winter.

Turmeric and mustard are one of our favourite tones to introduce warmth into the home. Cushions or throws in this earthy yet vibrant hue adds a splash of brightness to any bed, sofa or your favourite armchair.

Shades of coffee and chocolate can be added in with decorative ornaments, table runners and art for your walls. You can also bring out this tone through larger statement pieces in the home, like a rich chocolate leather lounge that brings instant warmth to a room.

Using a creamy vanilla tone is also a must try – not only is it a neutral colour that won’t clash with your existing styling palette, but it’s also calming and easy to incorporate. Don’t be scared to add a vanilla-coloured rug or go more subtle with some cream candle lanterns and vases.

And don’t forget the rich tone of red wine for a wintery evening by the fire…for your shopping list, of course. Delicious!

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