Getting that Perfectly Sorted home office

The current shift of working from home has been challenging for some and embraced by others. In the past few weeks, many of our clients have asked how they can better organise their home offices. So we are sharing our top tips to be engaged, productive and able to adapt to ‘Business as Unusual’ while working at home.

There are certainly some benefits about working from home (WFH) compared with a traditional office space – fewer distractions (for some – for others, there may be more distractions at home!), a more personal space, comfy clothes and not racing to get off in time for work.

But in order to stay productive, you need the perfect place and correct equipment for remote work.

Your space

The most productive office space is the perfect combination of décor, lighting, overall aesthetic and equipment – so choose a space suitable for your needs.

Video meetings, conference calls, and storage all need to be considered, as does keeping pets or children away from your desk. When Zooming with your team you may want a clean-ish and appropriate space behind you, so look out for washing baskets, those fireman calendars or anything controversial and distracting in your background.

Fresh air and natural light are important, and you also need to make sure that the temperature is suitable – too cold and you will be distracted, too warm and you will be dozing and not working. Concentration in a stuffy room is difficult, so make sure your space is well ventilated.

Plenty of natural and ambient light is a must, but you may also need to enhance your space with desk lighting. A good quality desk lamp with a dash of design flair will add both warmth and personality, reducing eye strain as well.

This is your opportunity to create your very own space, and inviting décor improves wellbeing & productivity. If repainting, pick a shade to enhance energy such as yellow, or warm white and add a piece of art to make your space feel good.

Keep your space clean, organised and separate

No more overnight office cleaning fairies – you are in charge, so tidy up at the end of the day, dust and wipe down your desk, keyboard and devices regularly. If needed, invest in some neat office storage – there is nothing like smart trays and beautiful stationery to keep things in order. Personally, I love white storage, with lots of labels to keep my papers and projects in check.

A dedicated space, away from everyday life, bedrooms and family is an excellent option (if possible) as this lets you keep work and home separate. Try not to let work encroach on relaxation and family time.

Your equipment

Your desk and chair are super important. A comfortable chair is the heart of a productive home office. Spending many hours each day in your chair means investing in the correct one will make a notable difference. Look for back and thigh support, suitable fabrics and warranties.

Your desk needs to be the correct height when sitting (or standing if you prefer). When seated – your thighs should be at right angles to your torso, and your keyboard at elbow height, with a straight back and neck, a visit to the chiropractor is less likely.

Standing desks are embraced by more and more workers – with suggestions that productivity, focus and heart health are improved. Personally I prefer a traditional desk set up, with plenty of room for storage, printers and a lovely candle.

Consider adding greenery for colour as well as to improve the air quality and ambiance. Choose something which is easy to maintain and won’t set off any hayfever or allergies.

Monitors, keyboards and mice are sometimes overlooked. A second, larger monitor makes many tasks easier including writing, designing and researching, and it also makes multi-tasking more manageable. If you do not like juggling windows – a second monitor is a must!

If necessary, a separate keyboard and updated mouse may be in order – it will make sure you are comfortable as well as productive.

Working from home is now the norm for many of us

In the tradition of “glass half full” try to embrace it and make it work for you, as it seems likely it will be with many of us for the long haul. Chat to your accountant about the tax implications of your upgrades and investments. It can be a really positive experience, but ensure your set up enhances wellbeing and productivity.

Our experienced team can assist with any furnishing and décor needs to get your space Perfectly Sorted, and we can also recommend plenty of local experts for your tech and equipment needs.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help!

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