To B&B or not B&B…

So, you have decided you want to be a part of the booming short term rental (STR) accommodation boom – otherwise known as “having a BNB”. Sounds easy? Of course - just furnish that property with some garage sale finds or generous family hand-me-downs, take some photos, add them to a few accommodation platforms and from there it will take care of itself.

If only this was the case.

There are literally thousands of horror stories…. From the old couch which belonged to someone’s Great-Granny, the bed which rattles and squeaks whenever someone rolls over, through to the second-hand outdoor setting used as an indoor dining option. Then there is the farm cottage which sleeps 6 but seating only for 4, or the townhouse with a TV the size of a small computer screen, or the X-rated art in a room designed for children (It is true – we have seen it all!!) When furnishing and styling your BNB these are our 3 essentials for that perfect stay.

1. The Couch Relaxation is key when away from home – and the couch is the place where time will be spent reading, relaxing, watching TV or even a post wine-tour nap. Ensure it is comfortable, clean, and cosy. Consider a sofa bed for additional sleeping options, the modern ones are great and come in a variety of styles from classic to modular.

2. The Beds Paramount to a great guest experience, invest in good quality beds which will guarantee the perfect stay. A bedhead creates a touch of luxury, along with crisp linen, some pretty cushions, and a throw, will create the feeling guests expect when away from home.

3. Art & Décor It is so important to have well thought out wall art and décor, to enhance the feel of

your accommodation. Ensure to include a few well considered pieces – a great statement canvas in the living room and some interesting, framed posters in the bedrooms can transform your property, and show your guests you really want to make their stay pleasurable. IT’ S ALL IN THE DETAIL Bedside lamps and globes which work – it sounds too obvious but yes, lamps with blown globes are common, and the absence of any bedside light is not unusual. When staying in an unfamiliar room – it is important to be able to easily turn on a bedside light to find a bathroom, or child’s bedroom when in need.

Plenty of supplies – from dishwasher tablets, toilet paper and coffee pods – please do not skimp – these items are inexpensive, so stock up generously.

Weird smelling candles and diffusers – these are my pet hate – I often wonder what the owners are trying to hide? Not only can they trigger asthma and coughing, but those super strong scents are a very personal thing – so better left out of your accommodation.

Guest Info– ensure there is plenty of detailed information at your guests’ fingertips for local scenic spots, where extra towels can be found, through to pharmacies, restaurants, wineries, 24hr Service stations, visitor information centres and other useful local insights.

Is all this sounding too hard? Call us at Perfectly Sorted – with vast experience in the furnishing and styling for STRs – we can prepare the whole package for you, or just assist with some new cushions and art. BNB styling, it’s Perfectly Sorted for you and your guests.

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